George Foreman GR80 Big George Rotisserie

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

George Foreman GR80 Big George Rotisserie

George Foreman GR80 Big George Rotisserie

George Foreman GR80 Big George Rotisserie
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By Lincoln County MT (Extreme NW Montana)
No longer in production or warranted. Ours went out today. After getting nothing through the new owners of Black And Decker....not really good products from them but might explain why these units are no longer produced and sold. That leaves you to used models. Love ours. Well try to fix it ourselves. Everything worked but two things tne indicator light and the heating unit. It showed you could select the temp. but not the heating bars yet spit turned just fine. So I thought fuse....after talking to gal in Ohio today (Snow Day too.) These are no longer fixable and so we are on our own. We well first attempt to by pass the fuse like object or safety valve if you well in an electronic with heat product. The heating units themselves are probably just fine but this item failed and so if we could figure out the size we'd buy another one from the electronics book we have but not easy no identification markings at all. Or numbers etc. So my husband thinks we can remove it and by pass it. True not as safe and we'll have to keep a closer eye on it at all times it's in use but WE WANT OUR BIG GEORGE BACK. I can't believe they are selling USED for over 200 bucks on Ebay not to mention here today 399 on Amazon...USED is used and who says the next Used one won't go the same way as this one. Another possiblity we may end up trying is picking up a Baby George on sale often as low as 29.00 and taking it apart to see if it has one of these fuse type protectors in it. If so we could swap it out and landfill the baby...what a bad deal. Really folks when you see what's inside one of these that makes them functional you wouldn't believe it. For the money they got they should use better more reliable components. On the other hand why did they stop making them. They were very popular and selling them was no problem. Was it a merge with the Black and Decker King of Cheap? What ever poor marketing who ever would kill off a popular item. If all else fails I'll have to shhhhh that's right turn to a big Ronco....sure don't want to.

"Best Ever Rotisserie" 2007-01-08
By Wendy J. Hoffman
I have owned the Big George Rotisserie since they first hit the market. It has been used at least once per week for all of these years and has been great to cook with. It has been very reliable and produces a great meal. Although, it is starting to wear out and would like to buy another one but I have found that is "discontinued". This saddens me and I am forced to research other brands because I like the bigger rotisserie. Why did you discontinue this Big George? Please make more. Thanks.

"A great product, but..." 2005-12-26
By Bob (Big Bend, Texas)
The very first time we used the appliance it caught on fire. The grease tray ignited and was only scant seconds from spreading to the overflow on the counter when we returned from Christmas services. I'm sure it is a great product, just a caveat to other owners. We plan to buy another.

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Technical Details

  • Perfect for roasting meats, grilling vegetables, fish, kabobs, baking casseroles
  • White metal, glass, and plastic exterior with metal interior
  • 23-by-17-by-15-inches tall; interior space measures 15-by-12-by-10
  • Comes with five kabob skewers, six meat tines
  • Also includes flat basket, round basket, wire rack, baking sheet

Product Description

Large enough to roast a 16-pound turkey totally, this super-size George Foreman Rotisserie just might give your outdoor barbecue grill a run for the money. Developed to roast food with a minimum of fat, this machine turns out to be quite versatile. You can barbecue fowl or meat on the heavy-duty rotisserie bar; grill fish, burgers, or vegetables in the nonstick adjustable flat basket; or roast greaseless potatoes in the round nonstick baking basket. If that isn't enough, you can also grill kabobs on the wire rack, or turn it into an extra oven to bake casseroles and desserts. Items come out perfectly done and fat-free--rotisserie items self-baste in their own juices as they turn, and all the fat drips down into the removable drip pan below.

The controls are easy to use--just choose a cooking time and temperature and the rotisserie does the rest. Levels of heat intensity can be adjusted by selecting up to four powerful heating elements. If you need to apply barbecue sauce or check doneness, the cooking can be paused while a handy oven light lets you see what's going on. All accessories wash up easily with hot water and dish soap--even the roll-up cover comes off for cleaning. --Marianne Painter

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